In September 2021 we are launching FUTURE DIRECTIONS

FUTURE DIRECTIONS is a young people’s programme with a difference, where young people will work in collaboration with professional Music-Creators, learning from and inspiring each other to explore what opera and music theatre mean for themselves and their communities.

We are recruiting Music-Creators from different musical traditions, and seeking to work with young people from a wide range of backgrounds. As a result, we anticipate the creation of new and original work that draws on a powerful blend of artistic voices that would not otherwise have an opportunity to meet and which will lead us in new and unexpected directions.

Each Future Directions project will conclude with a residential workshop during which a filmed piece will be recorded. This work will be presented as part of MTW’s creative output and will also directly inform MTW’s future commissions.

Where FUTURE DIRECTIONS came from:

In 2018 MTW set out on a journey to challenge our own perceptions of our audiences and the work they want to engage with. We want to learn and to grow, ultimately creating work that speaks to more people in Wales.

Our first piece of work in this learning was our Young People's Creative Consultation, which collaborated and consulted with young people from North East Wales, and two locations in South Wales.

The groups created work in direct response to our ground-breaking opera Denis & Katya, and to the unexpected parallels with their own lives the pandemic forced upon them.

Listen to the work of the young people on Soundcloud.

As a direct result of this work, MTW has launched Future Directions, investing in the young Welsh talent of Wales, who with professional Music-Creators will challenge all of our assumptions about music theatre.

FUTURE DIRECTIONS is not an additional programme attached to the company’s work – it is the work of Music Theatre Wales.

Future Directions is generously supported by Arts Council Wales and the Foyle Foundation.